What is the Coach to Camper ratio?2016-11-28T06:53:38+00:00

To offer the best instruction and most fun for the kids, there is a 1 coach to every 10-14 campers.

Who are the coaches and how are they selected?2016-11-28T06:54:19+00:00

Bernie personally selects his camp staff which is comprised of former professional players, college coaches, high school coaches, and college players. This offers your child a more mature and professional level coach. Your child’s enjoyment and safety are the priority. All camp staff have completed camp training and background checks.

What does my child need to bring?2016-11-28T06:54:00+00:00

For each camp your child needs to bring lunch, a water bottle, shin guards, and sunscreen daily. Soccer cleats are the preferred shoes for grass and turf. All other equipment is provided by the camp. 

Can my child be in a group with their friends?2016-11-28T06:52:14+00:00

Yes. On the first day of camps kids are assigned according to age and gender. By Monday afternoons, groups may be rearranged according to skill level. If your child would like to be in a different group have them ask the coach and they will accommodate your child.

Do you offer pre-care or after-care?2017-03-09T00:26:12+00:00

We recognize that parents are busy and may need to have their child check into camp early so we offer Pre-Care from 9-10a at most of our locations.  Also, additional hours of Pre-Care (8-10a) and After-Care (3-6p) are available at our camps held at Catlin Gabel school.  You will have the option of enrolling for Extended Care when you register for camps.

How do I enroll?2017-03-09T00:25:20+00:00

You can register on either the recreational camps or competitive camps pages, or give us a call at 503.998.9332

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